Monday, August 1, 2011

Bird of Paradise Hair!

Tom's father got married this past weekend, and I re-dyed my hair for the occasion!! The pink was fading so I figured it was time to try out something new.

Purple to pink!! 

My ear was still a little purple-tinted... 

New hair and new camera!!
I took these pictures on our way to and from the wedding with my brand new camera!! (A Fujifilm s4000, if anyone is interested). It was so far North that we were almost up in B.C., where they were celebrating B.C. day! We got to see some fireworks over the water at nighttime.

 The wedding was so much fun, and the location was simply beautiful!! I will definitely be blogging about it when I get the chance this week! It will be a long post, I'm sure. Lots of cute outfits AND fun wedding ideas! Not to mention you'll get to see more of my hair and my style. :)

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