Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving Around

Finally I've gotten the chance to upload things onto my brand spanking new macbook!! Shiny~~~
Just to test things out an play around a little, I'll show you guys my new room.

Before... Just a day or two after I arrived in Chicago:

All my suitcases + a bike.


 Zoe unpacking art supplies

 Our accessory-garnished drag queen dog; Paula

And after almost everyone has left... We're a little more settled. 

The beginnings of our "inspiration wall" and another of our lovely plants. <3

This needs a hipster filter.

 And of course, here's my dear roomie! Awww Zoe.

We've been enjoying ourselves, but it's been real busy. Hopefully I'll be able to arrange a stricter posting regime.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

plane thoughts

So I left on Wednesday! I'm here in Chicago and I've spent a busy past two days getting settled. It was a pretty upsetting and depressing departure from Seattle. I normally don't cry in public or in front of people, but I was pretty much a mess. :'D Kayla took some fancy pictures that I unfortunately can't access right now. However, I will pic-spam at some point.

Long story short, while crying to myself on the plane, I wrote down some thoughts that I thought I'd share.


Currently, I am a jumble of raging emotions. This very moment, I'm fretting that my last kiss with tom hadn't been 'good enough.' I wish he had ran after me for a proper good-bye... but we can't have it all, I suppose. It's okay though. I like to think that all the other kisses we've shared were more important and meaningful altogether than just one awkward good-bye kiss. 

I miss my dog. He's the one 'thing' that I'm not sure I could live without. No matter what, he's always there to love me or just to snuggle. That's the life and love of a dog, I suppose. 


Kayla, Amanda, and myself all share so many common interests. I can't just say 'oh, Kayla and I relate on this and Amanda and I can do this,' because we all get along so well together. Basically, our group dynamic is great. I'm so at ease when I am with either one or both of them. I hope that we can always stay close. It might be a little hard at times, but I think that we will manage (just as Tom and I will), thanks to modern technology! I think that because of all these advances, our relations with those close to us will last much longer than the friendships of previous generations. 

Since my memory is so terrible, I'm glad that I started blogging. My only regret is that I didn't begin sooner, to keep all of my memories in check. ...Now to just work out how to use my camera properly. (note: need rechargable batteries)

And there you have it. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I've been using Zoe's computer and haven't gotten my own just yet. >_< Can't upload to a computer that's not mine!!

How's everyone doing?? Leave me a comment and wish me luck on our upcoming orientation!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Last of These Summer Days

I skipped last Fan Friday... SHAME ON ME!! Though I was too busy to sit down at the computer ;~;  I won't forget again!!

Pic spam of the last couple days of my Summer. I'm leaving for Chicago on Wednesday. It's actually kind of scary. I'll finally get to be my own person!! Do things that I want to do, when I want to...after completing schoolwork, of course. :P But at the same time I'm going to miss everyone that I've grown so close to.

Though it's not forever, I'm still having mixed-up feelings about it. We'll see how this year of college goes, but I could very well come back and attend college in Seattle or Bellevue instead!! OH THE CHOICES OF LIFE.

To interrupt my innermost panic-ramblings, here's some photos of the lovely weekend I had with friends and family.

 I made a card for my cousin Maria to celebrate her 33rd birthday. 33 cupcakes!!

Ren Faire with some friends on Saturday. :) The wig came in handy, but it was soooo hot out which made it a little uncomfy. After Ren Faire we headed up to Crystal Mountain for a family vacation (accompanied by Tom). :)

It was absolutely beautiful up there, and I keep learning more and more about my camera! 

Right now, all my stuff is packed up in my room... Like I said, I'm leaving on Wednesday. That's hardly two days! -flail- Kayla and Amanda are coming with me to the airport. Tom might have to work, but I'd be happy if he could come... I'll try to take pictures, but it'll probably be a blur of goodbyes and mixed emotions instead. :'D 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These Summer Days 8/16

So many Summer Days posts! I'm just trying to squeeze in all the fun I can before I leave next Wednesday! (secretly hyperventilating and crying myself to sleep! Ok well it's not a secret anymore...)

Yesterday was the best. Any day in Seattle with friends is just great. Kayla, Amanda, and myself went around Capitol Hill thrifting and drooling over expensive hipster things. :) There's always something new to discover downtown, and it's always the best to discover it with friends.

Street art is so bomb!

Kayla was running late, so Amanda and I ran around the park to take some fun pictures. The park in Capitol Hill has a wall art project that we had a lot of fun with, as you can see...
We met Kayla at Yogurtland (which is both adorable and delicious!!) and her very stylish dad decided to take some pictures of us. I don't know why, but I look pretty derpy in all of them. xP

Then... thrifting time!! :) Our favorite places are Red Light and Crossroads on Broadway, but we all bought something from Urban Outfitters, too. |D U.O. sells Instax cameras and Fisheye cameras!! I really want them... 8I

at Red Light

Kayla's haul.  

I should have taken a picture of mine!! I'll do a What I Wore later on. :)

 Teddy the camera and Kayla's beautiful alien hands!

What a cute store idea. :> I'm going to have to bring my puppy there sometime. 

Kayla took some great photos with Teddy, her camera. :) I love them! I appreciate that she got some good pictures of me... Thank you, dear *3* She and Amanda are helping me understand my own camera better. One day, I will take good pictures! haha. <3

and my favorite... 

I love you guys SO FREAKING MUCH!! I can't believe I have to go next Wednesday! It really came up fast... I'm still all a jumble of emotions. :'(

Sunday, August 14, 2011

These Summer Days 8/13

After a lovely lunch with some of my close Bellarmine friends, Tom and I went to a get-together at my uncle's house. I would finally get to see the Japanese relatives that I've mentioned in the previous couple posts! I was really excited.

Turns out the party was for my littlest cousin Hinata. There was a little ceremony to celebrate her first taste of "solid" foods, rather than baby foods and mama's milk. Lots of really tasty authentic Japanese food that my relatives all made. :) Tom and I were very excited to have real miso.

 Hina-chan being fed by her mother

 Being fed by her dad, but she decides to give it a shot on her own.

Then they roped me into giving it a shot. I'm pretty terrible with babies and kids, but I was open to trying it out. It went better than expected. haha.

Onto my visiting cousins! Ruthie and I haven't seen them for...8? 9? 10 years? A long time... since my aunt and uncle's wedding. They've grown a lot since then! Of course, so have we.

 Kokoro-chan and Valentine the dog. :> Kokoro is the youngest.

 Minami, Tacun, and their mother. :)
Everyone sitting around the coffee table trading Youtube videos and making origami. 

 Asako and myself. We're both 18!

Kokoro and Sara with cute hairbuns. 

I didn't get any of my family with their family, though. >_< Silly me! I hope to see them again later this week and I'll get some pictures then, I hope!!