Friday, August 5, 2011

Fan Friday #4

I've been trying to do a blog post every day or every other day. It's getting easier and more fun to blog every time. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures with my camera though, so bear with me if my pictures aren't top-notch!!

Without further ado, here's Fan Friday #4!!


Cure Black and Cure White figmas!! Hobby Link Japan is having a Summer sale, and I was lucky enough to find these dears for an amazing price. I'm extra happy since I'm determined to buy figures (or figma) of every character I cosplay, and Cure Black is one of those characters!! Now I think I just need a Euphemia figure...

Books of Adam. I ~adore~ Books of Adam. He is basically my alter ego (maybe), which should be apparent to you all when I finally post some of my own comics. >~> Check out his latest posts!

John Kenn's artwork on Post-it notes. They're so perfect.... I don't even know where to begin! It's everything I love! Post-it notes! Ink-work! Creepiness! Cross-hatching! Just check out his stuff, it's amazing. 

Creative shelf arrangements. I loooove shelves, and I came across all these different ways to arrange stuff into shelf-form! Very creative. 

This image is just great, though I wish I knew the artist or source. :( I just stumbled upon it. If you know the artist, hit me up! It looks like something my friend Anneke might do. haha

This soon-to-be-realeased (?) manga depicting Jesus and Buddha as roommates. This is bound to be interesting in so many different ways. Not to mention the art is great. :) Look it up!

The Black Cat Kotobukiya figure. I keep forgetting to mention that I finally bought her from a local comic shop! I've been eyeing her forever, and I'm so happy to say that she's finally in my collection. <3

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