Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/10 Part I: Taking Children Antiquing

Well, yesterday was a very interesting day for my siblings and myself.

Our days usually start out in bed. 

Our Japanese cousins are visiting, and they invited us to go to the zoo with them! We were pretty stoked... myself especially, since I haven't seen them yet. There are two zoos in our area; one in Tacoma, and one in Seattle.

The roaming peacocks are always pretty.

Of course, with my luck, we all ended up at different zoos. :I Ruth, Sara, and myself paid a hefty sum to get into the Tacoma zoo, only to find that our relatives were partying it up with the kangaroos in the Seattle zoo. Luckily, we were able to get a refund. Unfortunately, I still haven't seen my cousins. :'( Fortunately, they're having a party saturday. ME GUSTA.

Moving on, my little sisters and myself had a few hours to blow before I had to head home to catch a movie with Tom and my dear friend Kayla. What to do, what to do, we wondered... after stopping for snacks at Taco Bell and McDonald's, Ruth asked if I knew any antique shops.

Well, DUH. We were in Tacoma! The LAND of antique shops!

Needless to say, I took a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old antiquing in downtown Tacoma. They actually loved it. I was a little surprised myself. We made some amazing finds! I found some adorable shops that I didn't even know existed in that area.

 In our first shop, I uncovered an entire cabinet filled with used anime figures for amazing prices! I bought my first ever Alter figure for only $30! Her name is Fauna and she's gorgeous. She's missing a piece, but I don't mind, especially since she's a jumping figure.

Cute panties! As you can tell, she's missing her skirt. Poor girl. 

 I'll definitely be going back to review the What? Shoppe to do a review or just to buy some more figures. +u+

Ruthie and Sara found some things that they liked at a vintage Toy Shop, of course. :) I didn't get the name, but it is such a cute place. Will review later?

On the same street there's a great antique mall! We wandered around for a bit, but we didn't find anything that we could afford. We did get some good pictures, though!

le derp surprise 

Then... TO THE GRAFFITI GARAGES!! So many fun pictures to take!

I even added my own little contribution. :)

Soon, our parking ran out and it was time to head home! Mom and dad got back to watch the kids just in time for me to go out with my friends. :) 

In closing... here's a kitty!

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