Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Headshot Doodles

Here's the outlines of some headshots I've been working on! I'm going to offer customs eventually, but for now I'm just practicing. Here's what they look like so far! I hope to color them before the week is out.
Featuring yours truly, a random bitchy looking character, Kaylah (The Dainty Squid), and Tom? (maybe not, he looks terrible, but I wanted to try sketching up a guy. I haven't drawn in a while).

Disney style? I'm not entirely sure what to call this.

Once I finish up and practice a bit more, I'd love to try and get a giveaway (or any publicity) over at The Dainty Squid. It would help me out a lot and then maybe I could even get people commissioning me!!

Chicago news: I've been packing more and more. I only have two more weeks here. Ruthie is already moving her stuff into my room!! It's getting very real and I'm getting very nervous. 

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