Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These Summer Days 8/16

So many Summer Days posts! I'm just trying to squeeze in all the fun I can before I leave next Wednesday! (secretly hyperventilating and crying myself to sleep! Ok well it's not a secret anymore...)

Yesterday was the best. Any day in Seattle with friends is just great. Kayla, Amanda, and myself went around Capitol Hill thrifting and drooling over expensive hipster things. :) There's always something new to discover downtown, and it's always the best to discover it with friends.

Street art is so bomb!

Kayla was running late, so Amanda and I ran around the park to take some fun pictures. The park in Capitol Hill has a wall art project that we had a lot of fun with, as you can see...
We met Kayla at Yogurtland (which is both adorable and delicious!!) and her very stylish dad decided to take some pictures of us. I don't know why, but I look pretty derpy in all of them. xP

Then... thrifting time!! :) Our favorite places are Red Light and Crossroads on Broadway, but we all bought something from Urban Outfitters, too. |D U.O. sells Instax cameras and Fisheye cameras!! I really want them... 8I

at Red Light

Kayla's haul.  

I should have taken a picture of mine!! I'll do a What I Wore later on. :)

 Teddy the camera and Kayla's beautiful alien hands!

What a cute store idea. :> I'm going to have to bring my puppy there sometime. 

Kayla took some great photos with Teddy, her camera. :) I love them! I appreciate that she got some good pictures of me... Thank you, dear *3* She and Amanda are helping me understand my own camera better. One day, I will take good pictures! haha. <3

and my favorite... 

I love you guys SO FREAKING MUCH!! I can't believe I have to go next Wednesday! It really came up fast... I'm still all a jumble of emotions. :'(

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