Monday, August 22, 2011

The Last of These Summer Days

I skipped last Fan Friday... SHAME ON ME!! Though I was too busy to sit down at the computer ;~;  I won't forget again!!

Pic spam of the last couple days of my Summer. I'm leaving for Chicago on Wednesday. It's actually kind of scary. I'll finally get to be my own person!! Do things that I want to do, when I want to...after completing schoolwork, of course. :P But at the same time I'm going to miss everyone that I've grown so close to.

Though it's not forever, I'm still having mixed-up feelings about it. We'll see how this year of college goes, but I could very well come back and attend college in Seattle or Bellevue instead!! OH THE CHOICES OF LIFE.

To interrupt my innermost panic-ramblings, here's some photos of the lovely weekend I had with friends and family.

 I made a card for my cousin Maria to celebrate her 33rd birthday. 33 cupcakes!!

Ren Faire with some friends on Saturday. :) The wig came in handy, but it was soooo hot out which made it a little uncomfy. After Ren Faire we headed up to Crystal Mountain for a family vacation (accompanied by Tom). :)

It was absolutely beautiful up there, and I keep learning more and more about my camera! 

Right now, all my stuff is packed up in my room... Like I said, I'm leaving on Wednesday. That's hardly two days! -flail- Kayla and Amanda are coming with me to the airport. Tom might have to work, but I'd be happy if he could come... I'll try to take pictures, but it'll probably be a blur of goodbyes and mixed emotions instead. :'D 

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