Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Wore: August 2

Esther, your hair changed again!!
...Just kidding! It's a wig. My mother bought it for me because she's not a huge fan of my purple hair... Haha! Oh well. The bangs are a little funny here because I didn't have time to trim them. @_@ I fixed them this afternoon and it's much better. You'll probably see later on.

I've been looking for a necktie like that for AGES. I'm so glad I finally found one. I'm so happy to have found the dance-style shoes as well! I've been having a lot of good luck finding items lately. 

Hat: Thrifted from Urban XChange in Tacoma
Shirt: Hand-me-down
Skirt: Thrifted from Goodwill
Cardigan: Thrifted from Deseret Industries (the brand is Banana Republic)
Neckie and Tights: Small consignment store near The Commons mall
Shoes: Sears

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