Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Girls

I've been offering anime-style commissions on the internet for a VERY cheap price lately. A kind man from Singapore ordered two very large pieces from me that I was happy to make... Normally I work a lot smaller, so this was fun.

First off, I finished this poster of Yozora and Sena from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. I've never watched the series, but the character designs are pretty cute!

Before sending it out on Monday,  I was asked to make an additional poster of this character from Guilty Crown. Her outfit was crazy hard to make right, but I think I did ok...?! 

These are some pretty big drawings (A3), so they haven't been scanned; just photographed. x_x If you want to commission me for just about anything, send me an email at

Thanks! x

Friday, March 9, 2012

How an Artist Figures?

I've been a fan of Frances Delgado's site How a Girl Figures for almost a year now! I love the detailed figure reviews, and try to catch AX Live on Thursdays as often as I can for the latest.
I've wanted to do some justified fan art for Frances for some time now... When she offered  a small crochet plushie on her facebook in return for some fan art, I just couldn't let this chance go! Everybody wins.

The site's mascot: Hanako Sakae! I had lots of fun drawing her and that cute little Sakura figure!!
I haven't been drawing in anime style that much recently, so I hope she looks alright. I might add a nice colorful background before I ship her off to Frances tomorrow. :) She'll receive the original with its proper colors! (stupid school scanner...)

On a more personal level, this small piece has pushed me on the market once again!! I'm offering extremely cheap anime-style commissions. (By extremely I mean like $4 for a personalized full-color chibi....)  You can read all the details RIGHT HERE.
They're so inexpensive because I really need the money, and because anime is just nice and simple to draw. I need all the publicity I can get, so please help me out! I haven't had any takers in a very long time....

As always, thank you for stopping by. Let me know what you'd like to see!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Character Corner: Ciel Items

Welcome to my new segment: Character Corner! (A replacement for Fan Friday?) Here, I will allow myself to nerd out over characters and series that I love/loved. I'll be offering reviews, advice, and personal reactions to various fandoms, characters, and artists. (Hopefully it will get me posting more as well!
+  +  +

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am always madly in love with one anime character (at least) on a regular basis. However, there are certain characters that I hold so dear to my heart. The most important characters to me are Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) and Euphemia Li Brittania (Code Geass). I will most likely elaborate on this later, since the interworkings of my brain are pretty crazy weird.

some of my favorite illustrations~  

Lately, I've been re-reading one of my all-time favorite manga Kuroshitsuji; thereby re-kindling my love and appreciation for Yana Toboso and especially Ciel as an entity and character. (Not the anime... its very hard for me to watch as I am so attached to the comic)

I don't know if anyone remembers quite how excited I was when I finally received my Ciel nendoroid (read; VERY EXCITED), but I've been looking into collecting more Ciel items (since there is an unfortunate lack of Euphemia items!!!). I recently came across some well-priced merch on well-known seller AmiAmi.

Static Arts: Lady Ciel 7240 JPY
That's a decent price for this rare figure!! I've been eyeing this figure for ages... I just love my traps.
Unfortunately, he's currently sold out at AmiAmi right now... I've put up a hunt for him at MyFigureCollection, but alas, no responses yet. Fingers crossed that someone is thinking about selling him or that he comes back in stock (somehow).

Ciel Plush 2980 JPY
Pretty good, considering I've seen this plushie for $60! I'm hoping that I'll find him at a con, so I'll hold off here for now. :) He's still in stock for those that are interested!!

Ciel Mini Doll 3360 JPY
Finally, a cute Ciel doll!! It's not for me as I'm saving up for a BJD, doll-wise. He's on back-order right now. :) Not particularly fond of this style for him, either.... however, if they made a Euphemia doll, I'd be all over it! 

That's it for today's Character Corner. :) Welcome to all my new followers!!! It's great to have you around. Let me know what you'd like to see!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sad Bumblebees

Kind of grungy, huh?
An illustration in lieu of my tumblr. The title of this picture and the title of my tumblr blog are one and the same. It was my first time drawing such an elaborate frame, and I loved it!!!

I'm not sure what my secret affinity for bumblebees is! I'm just as frightened of them as the next person! Though, I've never been stung... they must like me?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bonus Illustration!

This is the mushroom monster girl!

She's not very detailed, but that's not to say that I don't like her, of course!! I think she is just darling, though I wish I could've come up with a background!! The main reason behind her creation was experimentation with weird skin tones. I'm not daring enough when it comes to color composition!

What do you think?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Always Art

Sorry for the short hiatus... I have so many blog posts lined up!!! The next few will be about some of the art I've done somewhat recently....

For today, I'm releasing this personal illustration that I've been working to finish for a while.

This is Celei, one of my old role-play characters from back in the day. He's still one of my favorite original characters to this day. I just love his weird mint hair.
There is gold ink all around him (he's cut out and pasted onto a textured green paper), but it doesn't translate well to 2D, unfortunately. :(

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :) Hope you're all having a wonderful evening.