Friday, March 9, 2012

How an Artist Figures?

I've been a fan of Frances Delgado's site How a Girl Figures for almost a year now! I love the detailed figure reviews, and try to catch AX Live on Thursdays as often as I can for the latest.
I've wanted to do some justified fan art for Frances for some time now... When she offered  a small crochet plushie on her facebook in return for some fan art, I just couldn't let this chance go! Everybody wins.

The site's mascot: Hanako Sakae! I had lots of fun drawing her and that cute little Sakura figure!!
I haven't been drawing in anime style that much recently, so I hope she looks alright. I might add a nice colorful background before I ship her off to Frances tomorrow. :) She'll receive the original with its proper colors! (stupid school scanner...)

On a more personal level, this small piece has pushed me on the market once again!! I'm offering extremely cheap anime-style commissions. (By extremely I mean like $4 for a personalized full-color chibi....)  You can read all the details RIGHT HERE.
They're so inexpensive because I really need the money, and because anime is just nice and simple to draw. I need all the publicity I can get, so please help me out! I haven't had any takers in a very long time....

As always, thank you for stopping by. Let me know what you'd like to see!

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