Thursday, August 25, 2011

plane thoughts

So I left on Wednesday! I'm here in Chicago and I've spent a busy past two days getting settled. It was a pretty upsetting and depressing departure from Seattle. I normally don't cry in public or in front of people, but I was pretty much a mess. :'D Kayla took some fancy pictures that I unfortunately can't access right now. However, I will pic-spam at some point.

Long story short, while crying to myself on the plane, I wrote down some thoughts that I thought I'd share.


Currently, I am a jumble of raging emotions. This very moment, I'm fretting that my last kiss with tom hadn't been 'good enough.' I wish he had ran after me for a proper good-bye... but we can't have it all, I suppose. It's okay though. I like to think that all the other kisses we've shared were more important and meaningful altogether than just one awkward good-bye kiss. 

I miss my dog. He's the one 'thing' that I'm not sure I could live without. No matter what, he's always there to love me or just to snuggle. That's the life and love of a dog, I suppose. 


Kayla, Amanda, and myself all share so many common interests. I can't just say 'oh, Kayla and I relate on this and Amanda and I can do this,' because we all get along so well together. Basically, our group dynamic is great. I'm so at ease when I am with either one or both of them. I hope that we can always stay close. It might be a little hard at times, but I think that we will manage (just as Tom and I will), thanks to modern technology! I think that because of all these advances, our relations with those close to us will last much longer than the friendships of previous generations. 

Since my memory is so terrible, I'm glad that I started blogging. My only regret is that I didn't begin sooner, to keep all of my memories in check. ...Now to just work out how to use my camera properly. (note: need rechargable batteries)

And there you have it. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I've been using Zoe's computer and haven't gotten my own just yet. >_< Can't upload to a computer that's not mine!!

How's everyone doing?? Leave me a comment and wish me luck on our upcoming orientation!!

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