Tuesday, August 2, 2011

These Summer Days

This past weekend had a good start from the very beginning of Friday. After dying my hair, Amanda came over and kindly escorted me to Costco to help pick out my brand new camera. I was testing it out all night at my friends' jazz show... I'll show you a couple of my first few pathetic attempts at adapting to the camera and bad lighting.


As you can kind of see, my friends all have pretty awesome fashion sense. :) In fact, Becca (on the far right there) was featured on Delightfully Tacky once! Very cute.

After the show and a fun night at Tom's house, we began our adventure the morning of Saturday, July 30th. Armed with grapes, blueberry scones, an iPod tape adapter, and a green subaru, we set off for Blaine, Washington, where the wedding was to be held.

 Potato chips, Sweettarts, Corn Nuts, and henna tattoos! The necessities of summer.

I love road-tripping with friends, and the drive-time was just right. There was a lot of traffic, which is kind of annoying at times, but it gave us lots of time together. 

After arriving and settling in to our hotel, it was time to get down to rehearsal. There, I met more members of Tom's family, who were so open and loving and easy to get along with. I felt very comfortable with them and grateful for their acceptance. Of course, I don't want to post anyone's likeness without their permission, so I'll just continue to talk about how awesome they are throughout the post. haha. I will, however, show you the wedding planner's adorable shoes!
Adorbs! I wish I knew what brand.... She wore them with skinny jeans and a cute black blazer.

The rehearsal was followed by a delicious dinner, where I ate the most delicious salmon I have ever tasted!! I wanted to stay up afterwards to sign up for Pottermore, but we were so tired that we went back to the hotel room and fell asleep at 10! (Normally Tom and I stay up later). 

Of course, the following day was the wedding! The first thing we did was get our hair done by the party's designated stylist. She chose to give Melissa cute curls, and I asked for a little pouf! The results were just beautiful. 
 Melissa's cute hair and one of the great bouquets. 

 My pouf! And yes, that is the bride in the background.

I was told I looked like a bird of paradise, and I'm pretty sure that's one of the greatest compliments I've received! (Besides being compared to Hayley Williams and Emma Watson) 

 The groom!
The bride in her cloud dress!
The cute corsages.

Of course, lots of picture-taking and playing around was had before we were supposed to go down to the docks for pictures and the arrival of all the guests!

 Brother and sister!

  Belt buddies.

 Say cheese!

 Matching dresses! 

We bought our dresses at JCPenney on sale in the Junior section. They've got a classy bird print. The cardigans are from Papaya. 
Nose poke. 

After the ceremony, (where Tom made a great best man!) It was time for Melissa and I to shine! The bride and groom decided to have a Cambodian knot-tying ceremony after all the vows. 
Red ropes are handed out to the guests and they tie the threads around the wrists of the wedded couple. The color red means to bring good luck, and the ceremony derives from the belief that two people who are fated to be soulmates each have a red thread around their wrist that leads to the other person. I messed up a little at the start, but in the end, it looked like this. 

Very cool idea. And it looks good, too! 

Another great reception activity was the Japanese-tradtional wishing tree. There was no guestbook, just some tags to write on and tie to the tree! I drew a little picture for them.

Great cake and decor, too!!

During the reception, I was scouting out cute styles! Here's some fashionable individuals.

A yukata! I should have worn one of mine...

Love these green pants!

 Cute vintage dress with plum-colored stockings.

 Cute dresses everywhere!


At the send-off (they left on a boat!!), the bride did the bouquet throwing, and the world's CUTEST little girl caught it. She was pumped. I'm actually not usually very fond of children, but she was simply adorable. 

Again, I'm trying to stand by censoring people's faces right now... haha. But I got so many good pictures of her!! Too cute.

Not too soon after that, it was time for us to start heading home. I got some great sunset pictures just as we left. :)

The ride home was a lot of fun. We played games and bonded a little more. I so love Tom and Melissa, and I'm glad to have had this experience with them and their family. Hopefully we can have just as much fun in my last month here...

...I'm leaving for Chicago in a month! Can you believe it? I'm getting more and more nervous.

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