Sunday, August 14, 2011

These Summer Days 8/13

After a lovely lunch with some of my close Bellarmine friends, Tom and I went to a get-together at my uncle's house. I would finally get to see the Japanese relatives that I've mentioned in the previous couple posts! I was really excited.

Turns out the party was for my littlest cousin Hinata. There was a little ceremony to celebrate her first taste of "solid" foods, rather than baby foods and mama's milk. Lots of really tasty authentic Japanese food that my relatives all made. :) Tom and I were very excited to have real miso.

 Hina-chan being fed by her mother

 Being fed by her dad, but she decides to give it a shot on her own.

Then they roped me into giving it a shot. I'm pretty terrible with babies and kids, but I was open to trying it out. It went better than expected. haha.

Onto my visiting cousins! Ruthie and I haven't seen them for...8? 9? 10 years? A long time... since my aunt and uncle's wedding. They've grown a lot since then! Of course, so have we.

 Kokoro-chan and Valentine the dog. :> Kokoro is the youngest.

 Minami, Tacun, and their mother. :)
Everyone sitting around the coffee table trading Youtube videos and making origami. 

 Asako and myself. We're both 18!

Kokoro and Sara with cute hairbuns. 

I didn't get any of my family with their family, though. >_< Silly me! I hope to see them again later this week and I'll get some pictures then, I hope!!

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