Sunday, November 6, 2011

Painting Afternoon

Took a break from reading homework to paint!! I was feeling inspired by certain artists and this gorgeous blog, so I thought I'd finish up some doodles I made last week.

I almost always paint with water colors. I just love how graceful and natural they look. I've only recently started experimenting with my very own fountain pens, and I love those too! Trying to find a style is hard for me, but I think I'm getting there! Like I said, I've come across a lot of really inspiring artists. And of course, being at art school helps boost my motivation to keep improving!!

I took this chance to practice on the faces of some of my favorite bloggers! Today, I finished painting my friend Amanda, and Kaylah from The Dainty Squid! I wanted to make one warm color and one cold color portrait. (I'm also working on a tiny wedding present for Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. Nothing major, just showing my appreciation.)

If people love this style enough, I'll be open for commissioned portraits. Let me know what you think!!


I need to get used to coloring people with bright colors. (I wanted to give Kaylah crazy blue skin. haha) It looks funny to me, so I don't think I can pull it off just yet. More reason to practice!! 


Well, not quite. There are a couple of tiny details I need to go over first. I also hope to scan them and make separate pieces out of them. I'm considering framing them and sending them off to their respective inspirations. :)

All cleaned up! Elizabeth's piece is not complete yet. I ran out of sunlight at 5 (can you believe it?)

So, let me know what you think. Should I open up this style for commissions? Help me get the word out. :)

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