Monday, November 14, 2011

Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother

This lovely evening, I was fortunate enough to go see one of my favorite bands with my dearest Tom. I was even so lucky as to hand deliver some fan art for the band. After some minor technical difficulties, I handed Jasmin my little envelope filled with cut-outs of the members (kind of meant to be like paper dolls... -shrug-). She was so very sweet even though it was hard to communicate. :'D I do hope that everyone enjoyed them. I put some contact information in, so maybe I'll get a response, but even if I don't I'm elated to know that they actually have some of my original art. x) It is infused with my love!! 

Tonight's attire!! I call it Indie-Lolita. haha :) 
(photo by Tom)

...directly after delivering my gift. :)

They were absolutely fantastic live! They sounded wonderful. It was definitely a surreal experience. I'm so happy that Tom is here and able to take me on awesome outings like tonight. He insists that I mention that he is wearing a Mother Mother shirt he bought at the concert. 

Tom, my friend Cassie, and I all went out to eat at a diner afterwards. Once we put down our payment, Tom, looking out the window says, "Wait a minute, is that Mother Mother? Oh wait, I think it's just Ryan." 
Immediately we debated whether to run out there and say hello, but by the time we ran onto the street, Ryan (and whomever he was with), turned into the hotel where they are apparently staying. With a shrug, we decided to head home and be a little less creepy. :) 

Overall, a fantastic night, and I definitely recommend seeing Mother Mother live if you have the chance. :) Truly amazing!! Thanks to Tom for taking me out and being a totally great all-around person, and thank you Cassie for joining us and being wonderful!! Of course thanks to Mother Mother for coming to Chicago!! 


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