Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tattoo on the Brain

I love tattoos. They can be gorgeous works of body art. I can't necessarily say I'll be getting any soon, but I like to think about what I might one day get inked

They'll all be on my left side, as I've made a bit of an oath to keep half of my body as normal as possible.

1. Tiny black cross just above my palm as a reminder of my roots. I feel better about 'sinning' when I'm wearing a cross because I remember that I am always forgiven (by spirits and by people in my life). I'm not a religious person, and I don't believe in organized religion, but it's a nice thought. (and I'm sure my mother wouldn't object)

2. Dark Mark tattoo on my fore-arm, maybe in white ink. For the same reason anyone gets a Harry Potter tattoo. Not to mention I've always kind of personally stood with the dark side.

3. Quarter sleeve. Not sure of what yet, but a quarter sleeve would be nice.... Probably cherry blossoms, or birds, or something geeky.  I want it to look like watercolors....

4. Princess cameo with roses on thigh. This one is really specific in my head, so it's a little hard to explain without proper visuals. It's essentially a reminder that everyone dies, but also a reminder to me to always try and act like a princess. I love princess-like female characters in stories, and I'd love to be like them, though in reality I'm pretty crude and tough. I have to be to stand up for myself and make good arguments. I don't want to change myself, I just want to be sweet every now and then. :)

5. A cute owl tattoo in honor of my sister. Don't know where yet. Owls are her favorite, and The Labyrinth is her favorite movie, in which David Bowie has a barn owl form. It's just perfect for her. I might I'll probably get another for my littlest sister when she's more mature and I know what I can 'connect' her to. Haha

6. Kamina's glasses from Gurren Lagann, one of my all-time favorite anime. It gives me such a wonderful feeling. Just to remind me to believe in myself. Really tiny and behind my ear. The size of Hayley William's warped tour tattoo!

7. A couple stars. My name means star. It's kind of been one of my personal 'mascots'. Probably on my hip or shoulder area.

8. Poke'ball!! A childhood reminder. Poke'mon is kind of one of the things that made me into who I am today. It opened a lot of doors for me. Maybe I'll have it open with flowers pouring out or something. haha. :) These tiny ones are so cute!! Or maybe I'll just get Poke'ball gauges.

9. The words 'euphoria' or 'infinite euphoria' on the side of my chest or right underneath my left breast. A reminder to be eternally optimistic. They're two of my favorite words and they go together perfectly.


Just something fun I wanted to share since I don't have much to blog about. :) Two weeks until Tom visits!! How exciting.

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