Sunday, October 16, 2011

I went out

Just like the title says, I tried out the Chicago train system all on my own today! Usually I have someone with me, but today I really wanted to get out of the house since I was home alone. The aim was to take the train down to Belmont. I wanted go shopping at Chicago Comics and this adorable alternative store called The Alley, but I couldn't find anything in my price range... I decided to save for another time.

I had a little trouble figuring out where I was going at first. I got off at Belmont, but I didn't see Clark street, so I got back on the train and went back to Clark and Division instead. I walked a while before hopping on a bus down Clark, looking for the address of the comic shop, and I ended up where I originally got off at Belmont. So silly.... 
Luckily, Chicago Comics and The Alley are right next to each other! Two of my favorite kinds of stores!! Awesome. 
I didn't take any pictures in the stores, since I'm really paranoid about getting yelled at for photographing merchandise.
Instead of buying stuff, I bought myself one of my all-time favorite foods: the Chipotle vegetarian burrito .


I'm still full. haha 

Not wanting the day to be over with yet, I decided to get on the orange line and get off at Roosevelt. I was going to get a couple things at Target. I don't normally shop at Target because I don't like to support them, but I didn't know where else I could get My Little Pony toys! (I needed hand sanitizer and tissues as well, but that's not as cute or exciting)

Of course I bought Rarity!! Her mane and tail are kind of crazy, so I'll be styling her later. Maybe I'll make a tutorial out of it to post! :) 

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