Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Early Chicago Adventures

These past two days have been spent walking around Chicago with Zoe and her boyfriend Jonathan (whom I refer to as Jojo). A couple of days ago, we were going to have fun at the Shedd Aquarium but the line was freakishly long, so instead we went out for sandwiches. :> Zoe wore a ridiculously awesome 11th Doctor themed outfit. Here's a snapshot.

 Yes, we got into Doctor Who and now there is no turning back. I need to stop falling into fandoms so easily. 

After a day of running around and eating delicious sandwiches, we decided it would be best to go to the aquarium the next day, but early in the morning instead. We arrived at 9 in the morning and there was hardly any line at all! (If you ever go to Shedd, make sure you go EARLY) 

It was necessary for us to go to Shedd as soon as we could because they're having a special jellyfish exhibit and Zoe's favorite animal is, of course, jellyfish. 

It was really a beautiful exhibit, but we were generally disappointed by the lack of BIG jellyfish.

In the gift shop they had some amazing seal stuffed animals!! SO CUTE. I was dying all over the floor. However, this was really misleading and we walked all around the aquarium looking for a seal exhibit. The closest thing was a sea lion, but he wouldn't even look at me. :I

Long story short, there were no seals. Just amazing plush toys that were way too expensive.

Of course, there were other animals to look at!

But some were actually pretty terrifying. :'D

That thing was terrifyingly large. 

Then we went home and read bad fanfiction. Such is my life. On the walk home, the wind was CRAZY. My first experience of Chicago's notorious winds. 

Chicago really is such a beautiful city, though. I'm so grateful to be living here with one of my very close friends. 


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