Friday, September 23, 2011

Fan Friday

Looks like Fan Friday is starting to get more... occasional. Haha. I apologize for my lack of posting!! School sure is busy. Without further excuse, here's the most recent Fan Friday.

1. ) Rarity 
Rarity is the best pony!! Plus our purple hair matches right now. :) I'm on a MLP kick right now. Specifically Rarity. 

2.) Doctor Who 

This is my exact scenario. Zoe's boyfriend got us into Doctor Who and now we can't stop!! Tennant is my favorite doctor and Rose is my favorite companion. :) Rory and Donna are also pretty fabulous! 

3.) Billie Piper
While we're on the subject of Doctor Who, I may as well mention Billie Piper who I am suddenly a huge fan of. I don't even know where my love for her came from. Poof! 

4.) The Perfect Outfit
This would be my ideal outfit. I would be obligated to wear it to all my interviews and occasional dates. It is perfection. <3

5.) White Hair
My next plan...!! I hope it goes well. I'm very nervous... I've been treating and conditioning my hair like crazy to get ready for this!! I bought a great red hat to wear with it. <3

6.) My sweet-as-heck new figures
My two all-time favorite characters; Ciel and Hitagi. So much love for them! They look cute together. Though I'm still waiting for Hitagi's attachments~

7.) Drarry
Don't hate!!! Appreciate!! Haha. :) 

That's all for now... I've been getting packages all week. Occasionally gifts, but mostly books for English class. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to do homework all weekend!! 

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