Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gift Doodles

Remus, Snape, Hermione, and Luna

 Since HP is such a big franchise, I'm a bit worried about my art getting stolen. I know it's a bit silly to watermark characters that aren't mine... but, better safe than sorry! 

Harry Potter character doodles for my friends! x) We'll be attending the HP7.2 premiere tomorrow night! I'm really excited. We get to watch it in glorious IMAX 3-D. I made these pieces as celebratory friendship/awesomeness cards. They've been cut out and laminated, and my friends can decide what they want to do with theirs. :> I want to make myself a Draco one soon!!
Harry Potter is a wonderful story that has been with me since I was a kid. Everyone in my generation grew up with Harry Potter.... Now, it almost seems as if it is finally ending just as our childhood is ending too. It's a sad thought, but that's the way it is for many of us. However, I aim to have as much fun as possible during the premiere, and not be sad about it until the very end!! 

I'll definitely be talking all about the premiere on Friday. (No spoilers, I promise!!)
 I've decided to dub Fridays as "Fan Fridays," where I can post about all the nerdy, adorable, and awesome things I came across during the week. :> It can be anything from art prints, to clothing, to movies... you name it! Of course, this Friday there will be a Fan Friday post, and a post dedicated to the HP premiere. :) 

Are you going to see Harry Potter at midnight? Is there any other franchise you're a big fan of?

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