Friday, July 22, 2011

Fan Friday #2

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Oh goodness... a week without blogging? For shame, Esther, for shame!! I really would blog more often if I (A.) knew where the camera I use went and/or (B.) Owned a better camera.... maybe I'll just go out and get a toy camera. xP
Well, in any case, here's Fan Friday #2.

This awesome-as-heck comic. Check out her art style! So dynamic and colorful and AWESOME. 

Watermelon art! Crazy detailed and so cool....

Look at all these adorable accessories!! I want them... and I'm betting they're put together by hand!

I wish I could link back to the photographer, but this is just something that's been going around tumblr.... I love it, though. So dainty.

This came from dollamoe 's flickr. I just love it! Too cute. <3

This image of Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton. (Ruth and I's favorite actors from the HP films) I love it so much, I'm actually painting a watercolor version. <3 Will post when it's complete!

Futurama! It's my favorite American cartoon right now. <3 I got the first season at Half-Price Books and sometimes I'll watch it online (we don't have television at home).

Tom Felton in general. (I can't handle him hnnngh.)

This Ciel Phantomhive cosplay. <3 Just too perfect to be true!!

"The On-Time Wall Clock gives you three more minutes than you thought you had at first glance. It was designed by Diamantini & Domeniconi."
My dear friend Kayla posted this on her tumblr. Pretty clever!

That's all for Fan Friday #2!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to bus all the way to Bellevue for an appointment... (and hopefully some figure purchasing *u*)

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