Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sketch spam!!

I've been working really hard to improve and develop a style of my very own recently. It's a challenge, especially when you're as indecisive as me!! I've decided to share some of the sketches I got around to scanning recently.
It's mostly fan art; I draw a lot of fan art when I'm style experimenting. It helps me see the style, rather than the familiar characters. If you recognize any of the characters, let me know!

I originally wanted to do a different post today, but I decided that it needed more work. ^^ I'm really cracking down on posts, I'm telling you!

If you're curious about more of the complete pieces I've been finishing up lately, make sure you check out my art blog


  1. I seriously love this style you're branching out to. Don't worry about being indecisive, try as many different things as you can and you'll find your comfort zone! Trust me, I know how hard it is. Drawing motherfucking anime for so many years is a difficult habit to break.. It took me like three years to finally get a result that I wanted, and to do that I had to even break away from drawing figures for awhile.. So trust me, you're doing a great job so far.. @_@

    1. Thank you! ; o ;
      Aw man, it's so true. Anime can be a good place to start, but once you get too far in it's so tough to crawl back out. Trying various mediums and materials has also helped a lot. I like to put fabric in my work~
      But thanks again! <3 haha your comments are so sweet.