Friday, July 6, 2012

About Space Schoolgirl part 1: Inspirations

This is a master series of posts I'm working on. I want to tell you all about this aesthetic I created! I'm working on these posts in parts, just in case anyone wants to catch on to the style. All of the information at once would be way too much to take in! 
Without further ado, here's part one: all about Space Schoolgirl Inspirations.

While I’m investing in hime-gyaru, there’s another style that I’m really in love with… (one I kind of invented for myself and anyone else who thinks its cute!)
I call it space schoolgirl (or space princess)… and it’s really rather simple! Everything can be handmade or found at a thrift store. Its an edgier style, but still so cute. Kind of for people who want to mix cute and childlike elements with a grungy/vintage aesthetic. It's supposed to be a little kitschy! 

Main elements can be found in cold colors, facial markings (centered on eyes!), vintage or alien themed jewelry, cardigans, tye-dye, tights, and most importantly, schoolgirl skirts!! Shorts can work too if it’s what you prefer.

Some of my inspirations came from tumblr, blogs, or elements that I like.
-fairy kei and seapunk
-japanese schoolgirl uniforms
-aliens and UFOs



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