Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jolie Petite Deco Review

I'll be doing a long overdue review of Jolie Petite
As soon as I had the money on paypal, I rushed to order a case from Danielle. I had been seeing her work all over tumblr and I wanted a case of my very own!

Communication with Danielle is always good as I've heard, even though she's very busy. Not to mention she sends cute little (free!) gifts with your order which was lovely!! I received candy, a Rilakkuma pin, and a darling little personal note. 

Everything that came in my order:
I've decided to leave the picture backwards so you can't read it! >3< Hehe

As you can see by the bubblewrap, my case was well protected on its long journey!! 
It took a long time for my case to arrive (over a month), but since it was custom and Danielle is so busy, I didn't think much of it. She is sure to tell you to be patient, so you can't exactly complain to her if it doesn't show up in two weeks!! 

I knew my order was ready when I saw this photo on her facebook page:

It had everything I asked for on it~
Bats, stars, lavender, mint, roses... and she even found a way to properly incorporate citrus fruit!! ( I was worried it would look out of place... but I asked anyway and Danielle found a way to make it work. ) She's so talented at coordination, I want three more super-cute cases from her.
 Everyone on the FB page seemed to love it too, and there were even some people who wanted a replica of it.

From the side~

 I am constantly complimented on it in real life. My classmates are always asking to touch it and everyone asks me where I got it. The silicone whipped cream always surprises them. ^^

I actually like how the phone fits in my palm better than the iPhone without the case! It doesn't distract my phone calls or texting if I need to respond while the case is still on. 

Unfortunately, I haven't had the case on my phone very often as of late. 
(Yes, here we go, some issues...)
Two days after I got the case, a couple of the smaller deco pieces broke. 

To be specific, it was the lavender macaroons you can see next to the citrus fruit. The white "icing" came out and broke on both of them. I didn't panic since it was so small and I fixed it up with some of my own E-6000 glue, but the same thing happened just a couple days ago and I lost the pieces so now I can't fix them... 
Other than that, the other pieces have held up very well, and the macaroons are very small, so it's ok...

...It also gets pretty dusty, but there are cleaning instructions included in the order~

However, one other problem keeps me from putting the case on my phone. 
A couple of cracks developed on the bottom corners of the clear case part. It was only on one corner at first, but when the second corner cracked, I gave the case a break.

Of course, I contacted Danielle on facebook about this issue and I got a speedy reply! 
She was extremely friendly and gave me the best advice she could... which was, as I had figured, use E-6000 to cement the cracks. ^^
I haven't been able to get a new bottle of E-6000 yet, but you can be sure that the first thing I'll do is fix my darling phone case!!! 

Service: 9/10

Quality: 7/10

Enjoyment: 10/10

Overall, I would buy from Jolie Petite again as soon as possible. 
I'd like to try some of my own deco someday, but Danielle definitely has a natural talent for it! And since I am very close to my ear-stretching goal, I'll be looking out for her deals on plugs next! Maybe I can do a review on those. :)

If you've been looking for a good quality, supercute phone case, I'll suggest Jolie Petite Deco to you any day. 
What would you put on your deco case if you decided to order one?

xoxo x

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