Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Serious about Hime

I’ve looked into various alternative fashions for a very long time… from nu-goth to Lolita, I love a lot of different looks.  Only recently did I happen upon a style that I feel really defines me. After looking at the kitschiness of gyaru and gal, I started to be interested. However, it seemed to embody the blonde+tan combination I so despised all throughout high-school, and the clothes were too plain… but gyaru has so many different sub-groups to be interested in! Hime-gyaru started calling to me.

Only recently have I been able to start taking my new fashion sub-culture seriously. I’ve never been able to afford my interests in fashion, but I happened across some amazing thrift store finds to give a jumpstart into my hime gyaru life!! Then I decided it was time to get serious about hime gyaru.

This dress was a hand-me-down from a friend, but it's perfect with a belt and tights!!

An old strapless prom dress from my favorite thrift store. It's got a good color scheme 
for a creepier or sexier hime coord. It's super high quality with a nice built-in bra.

This one looks even better on the body! I loved the print so much. Good hime prints are so hard to find on American summer dresses. It's lighter and good for hot weather.

I even found cute hime PJ pants! I was in need of PJ pants and these were too cute to pass up--especially for only a dollar!! I cleaned them up real well and they're still super comfy.
$5 lacey hand-gloves

…I've even done some tanning! Just trying it out though. I’m not crazy about it.

$8 Jergen's

$5 decals

Nails are the hardest thing for me right now… Can’t spend much on fancy decals!! Wish I could though. I’m doing so well at not chewing my nails… >3< But I’ve gotten a couple cute stick-ons. Start out small…. Wigs next!! Gotta get a good blonde one.

What fashions are you interested in? Are you invested in any subcultures?


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