Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doll Day: BTW Bus

Yesterday, I got the chance to dress up at hang out with lots of cool people~ <3 Gaga's Born This Way Bus was in town, so of course I donned one of my best outfits and wigs for the occasion. I put in my geo lens, full make up, and amped up my dolly disposition. 

When I saw Gaga in concert in Tacoma, I didn't get to check out the inside of the BTW Buses. Upon hearing that it was stopping in Chicago even after the tour had been cancelled, I knew I had to sign up for the event! I was one of the first 100 sign ups, and I was there right at 12:00 to get in. I met so many fun little monsters.  (´ω`★)

Free food!

Wall illustrations~

My personal favorite <3

We all stayed there for the entire duration of the event. There were rumours that Gaga might show, since it's her birthday week (Happy Birthday, Gaga!), and she was in town visiting her boyfriend. 

Die-hard fan tattoo~
Unfortunately for those of us super-committed, she didn't show. But it was alright, because I met so many amazing people!!

bus crew. <3
At the very end of our 7 hour adventure, Black Jesus himself made an appearance!! He was kind enough to stop and take pictures with everyone who asked... including yours truly. It was very brave of him to go through our huge group and pose with everyone.  (*´∀`*)

That ended the day, and others went off to go out to eat, but I had to return home to devote myself to some homework. (・_・ヾ I said my farewells and gave a lot of hugs~

Overall, it was a lovely day!! I had so much fun and I got so many compliments on my appearance. It felt very nice~ I've been thinking about wearing my geo lenses more often and aiming to buy a few extra pairs. They really seem to amp up any make up or outfit. They lend the the feeling of a 'living doll' look, which is another visual style that I like... 

I keep wishing the best for Gaga! I know she's recovering from her surgery and trying to lay low. I'm sure that she will bounce back and be at her 200% energy level for the release of ARTPOP!! <3 Happy birthday, to my dear Gaga.  (*´∀`*) Keep on performing and inspiring!

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