Saturday, March 9, 2013

Expanding my closet.

I've been going crazy with Japanese street fashions these days! Yesterday, I bought a few pieces from the second hand shop for a mori kei coord, and a sweater for a potential dolly kei coord.

I thought that maybe dolly and mori would be perfect to try out while I wait for my hair to grow out again. :'| I love love love gyaru style more than anything, but wearing wigs more than once a week is a little tough for me. 

I've just given up on trying to subscribe to one style, and I'm embracing it all and making my closet grow!! Dolly, mori, lolita, and gyaru are all styles I love a lot! 

Sweater, scarf, long white dress with slip, and a ruffley blouse that was half off. I also bought that cute print at a small gallery opening I stopped by. It's an E, so fate told me to buy it! (●´∀`●) There's also a necklace and hair clip, but they're not in this shot. 

There were some pieces that were PERFECT for cult-party, and though I loved them I ended up not getting them because... money. If you follow my twitter, you know that I spent a lot of money yesterday. ~(>_<~)

A few days ago I came across an ebay listing for this SUPER cute dress. I ended up buying it and it only cost me $35! I've been having good fashion karma recently. 
(^O^☆♪ It arrived three days ago and looks wonderful! Though theres a rip in the petti that I must fix.
I've been making pretty good money off commissions. I was saving it up just in case I was able to go on my school's Japan trip, but... unfortunately, I didn't even get on the wait list. (´;д;`) I want to talk to my relatives. I really want to go back and practice my Japanese! And see all the wonderful sights! And shop! 

Instead, I'm using the money to buy some fashion accessories and the like.  
(○゜ε^○)I hope to be able to go Japan eventually! Now that I have matured and know more of the language, I know I could have a great time.... time to dream! 

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