Sunday, December 11, 2011

QR Coding

As both a personal and school project, I've printed some QR codes to post around town. They lead to my tumblr art blog. :)

I've only posted three around town so far, but I plan on posting some more when I'm more well equipped to be a ninja. Posting these QR codes was a bit challenging because I was running around donating and selling clothes so I could afford to buy Holiday presents for my friends and family! Therefore, my hands and arms were super full and... not ready to be stealthy and swift.


QR 1

QR 2

QR 3

1 = Down on a blue line stop. Probably gone pretty quick.
2 = The back of a random blue line train seat! Good times.
3 = A resale fashion store off the Damen stop.

Next time, I'd like to post some around school and some art shops. Since the code links to an art blog. Over time, maybe I'll have up to ten (my current goal) around town. :>
Let's just hope they work and I gain some followers. haha~

1 comment:

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