Saturday, December 3, 2011

Esther's Holiday List

December also includes my birthday, so I figured I would get this list out there to share with anyone who might take it into account. A.k.a, I'm hoping that my family will somehow see this. :)

I have wanted these since I saw Kurt wearing them on Glee... There is a Doc Martens store in Seattle. I am a size 7.5. I will take Originals or reinvented. I will also take red Doc Martens. 

Price Varies
I've been wanting these, but I haven't had the fund to buy them for myself yet. So, they are included here. 
I will also take skeleton tights or a ribcage jacket.

About $91.66. 
She’s on pre-order right now, so she wouldn’t arrive this month/you wouldn’t be charged until later… read up on it??
Ethnic figure! Cast-off! Meido!! AMAZING!! Want want want want want waaaant. But then again, I’d basically take any figure from my wishlist. haha 

I will also take the black or pink ones. (For some reason they are cheaper…) I absolutely love this etsy store.

But I will really take any dress like this one. It is just particularly spot-on to what I've been wanting.

I will also take The Fame Monster because believe it or not, I don’t have that album, even though it’s my favorite… what. 

Saw this at Sephora and I want it so. Not only does it work as a mask, but it also works as a mild wax!! Awesome. Of course, I can't afford it so... just counting on Christmas!!

I hope I didn't bore you to death with my musings!! :) What's on your Christmas/Birthday list? Do we have anything in common?

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