Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gal Checkpoint!! L.A. Tan Review

Where do I begin? Well, I suppose I should apologize to all the girls in my high school that I would constantly mock because of their orange tans. Though of course, there is such a thing as a good vs. bad tan. I apologize, because honestly, I never experienced how fun tanning can be!

All tans I've gotten before were courtesy of self-tanners or sitting out in the sun for hours on end. I never bothered to set foot into a tanning chain. Today, I wandered into the first L.A. Tan I've seen here in Chicago for my first tanning bed experience.

(The interior of the L.A. Tan on Madison St.)

The first thing I noticed was a couple of cheesy fake palm trees as I walked down the stairs. As someone who loves cheesy or ironic additions like that, I smiled to myself. But walking into the waiting room I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and professional it looked. The girl behind the counter greeted me and let me know more about their holiday promotions (all good deals, if you're a tanning regular, by the way!!). She was very friendly to me and the other customers (regulars) that walked in. Not the kind of fake-nice I was nervously anticipating, but really rather genuine. 

I filled out a paper and told her that it was my first time in a tanning salon. After admitting that, I felt a slight tension of something like... "oh, this n00b". Her demeanor changed a little bit, but it was only for a couple of moments. Once I got chatting about how much I loved the designs on the tanning lotion bottles, she cheered up again and I think she realized I was genuinely interested in the place.

She proceeded to explain everything to me, and gave me a small tour. They have a room with make-up remover provided, as well as extra hair ties, just in case you forgot your own. There is a radio in the room so you can listen to music while you tan. They've really thought of everything!

My room was clean; with a mirror, small table, and hooks for all my clothes and accessories. The tan itself was very relaxing. There was something surreal and spacey about the bright lights looking green through my eye protection. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie pod. Honestly, I really loved it. 

Hopping out after 7 minutes, I inspected myself. My skin is really fair, so there will no doubt be a long time of building up tans before I actually have THE "L.A. Tan" but I already do notice a healthier glow to my skin. I aim to keep getting used to the machines and go for longer and stronger, next time. 
(hallway of tanning rooms)

For those who are worried about tanning, the L.A. Tan  website has a line that I found interesting. “Saying that UV exposure is harmful and should be avoided is as wrong as saying that water causes drowning, and therefore we should avoid water.”
Though I too worry some damage as well, it's always important to remember to use lotions and timing and stay safe! 

On my way out, I bought some eye protection and the counter girl asked me, "So, you gonna join the tanning squad?" And I suppose the answer to that is "yes, when I have the money!" haha

There is a very superficial edge to this "tanning squad" that you can read immediately when you visit the L.A. Tan website. Though I obviously don't believe "thin, tan, and blonde" is the only way to be "beautiful", I think there is a relaxing quality to getting a tan, and it honestly helped my skin look a little better. I will certainly be going back for more, but won't let any pressures seep into my skull. I would recommend L.A. Tan to regulars or all other gals! Fellow gyaru will LOVE the tanning lotion bottles they have and the pink walls! Try it out! x

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