Friday, April 20, 2012

Character Corner: SEGA Ciel

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Exciting news!!! My newest Ciel Phantomhive figure came in the mail!!! It's the SEGA Ciel from 2009. He looks AMAZING in real life. The pictures don't do him justice!! I never understood that saying until now... I wasn't expecting much, it being a SEGA figure, but I just had to have him. I must own all the Ciel items in the world!!!! Lots of pictures ahead, so get ready~

He arrived in a tiny box!! I was pretty surprised. It was a little damaged, but he came such a long way, so I was expecting it and it's not a big problem. Ciel himself arrived in perfect condition!! 

 He's got a nice and simple circle base. That cane of his is so darn fragile! I was freaking out that I would break it or its attachment. 

Hello, gorgeous.

Nendoroid Ciel has to get used to this newcomer....

My Ciels thus far!!! They all have neckties. hehe~
 We are a big happy family.

 Ciel gets the same pose often....

The Hideyoshi nendoroid petite is new as well. :> My sister bought him for me at Sakura Con! It was my first year missing out in 6 years.... :'(

Man, I wish I was good at camera-stuffs.... YoY

Ciel is a character that, like I said, I simply must have ALL OF HIM!! Are there any characters that quite so are special to you? Tell me all about it. :>

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  1. he looks beautiful!! <3 Hmmm...I'm not sure I could just pick one character D: such is the bane of my life...and my wallet!