Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking Fashion

Break: because my Christmas break is nearing its end!! I'm very sad. I've been enjoying my time back in Washington so much! I wish I had blogged about it, but I left my camera back in Chicago!! I really should have made some room in my suitcase for it... sigh. Lesson learned!

In other news, once again we reach the subject of fashion here on Awkward Royalty. I've been continuing to rebuild my closet while I'm here in Washington. My [nu]goth and lolita sensibilities have been growing quite a bit. I even found some cute new articles and some awesome places to shop at before I fly off on Sunday. :'( The week is going by way too fast!! I've been snowed in at my house the past few days... 
However, yet another adorable fashion has weaseled its way into my brain... Fairy Kei. I knew it would grab hold of me one of these days.

As always, I've found many of my fashion icons on tumblr. It's admittedly my go-to site every day... I should probably be paying more and more attention over here!!
Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the bloggers that I really admire and their flawless faces and style. They're really inspiring to my closet. ;)


A gorgeous pastel beauty from Kazakhstan. Her blog is full of hipster goodies and pink wonderfulness!
I think her style goes with a title pastel goth or nu-goth... I see a lot of goths complaining about the association of "nu-goth" to goth subculture (they seem to see it as "dark hipster"), but I just think we should accept everyone for whatever style we feel best in!!


I think she's a model? Whatever she does, it's simply adorable!! Super cute bright hair and a side serving of punk rock, Eva never ceases to make me smile AND be extremely jealous of her style. She really has a signature look that tumblr seems to love.


This was the gorgeous gal that made me officially decide to work on an additional fairy kei closet. (More money-spending, YAY!) She's also got sort of nu-goth edge to some of her outfits that I love. Where do these girls get their items?! I must know... I also can't wait to take Intro to Fashion when I get back to school and learn how to make myself some epic pieces.

There are actually quite a few more that I could add, but I have some plans and I gotta get ready!!


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