Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Wore: new times a billion

Hello there!! Well, school has picked up and of course I'm busy busy busy, as always. I have amazing classes this semester, and I'm really psyched about the practice and inspiration I'm getting. (This includes in both art AND style!) I usually end up really dolled up for my two shortest classes that start late in the day. It gives me a lot of time to get ready in the morning, so sometimes I over-do it. Y_Y

Collared shirt: thrifted
Sweater: Red Light (Seattle)
Jeggings: Pac-sun
Socks: Forever 21 

(hmm. I need to find a better place to photograph myself. My room is so crowded!)

This is the other day, for instance! Okay, maybe it doesn't really seem like I tried so hard on the clothes, but I think it looks so cute! Collared shirts + sweaters = best.

Mis-matched socks! I put on shoes later, I promise.

"Esther, what's wrong with your hair?!" 
Oh, that's right, I haven't showcased my new hair just yet. I spontaneously acquired a side-cut over break. My roots had grown out horribly by the time I made it back to chicago. I had some fun plans for my hair, but I ended up going with this black + rusty pink + lavender combination. I miss having color all over, but I'm really trying to grow my hair out! Yet, I got a sidecut... Don't question my methods!!! It's a work in progress. :) 


~Check out my ear!~

I changed out some jewelry over break and sized up my ears. I'm currently at 8G and my current goal is 00G. :) My next goals are a nose ring and a medusa piercing! <3

~Sparkly eyes!~

I've actually put a bit more pink dye on since these shots were taken.

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If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away!!

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