Friday, July 15, 2011

Fan Friday #1

My first ever Fan Friday! I saw a lot of other blogs doing something like this, but not always on Friday. I guess Friday works really well with positive words. It's just ten things I find really awesome! :)

I know it's a bit hard to see, but if you click here, you'll get taken to the cutest soundboard on the internet! It's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed. All the characters with speaking roles are represented!

Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat!! I've loved Nyan Cat since it first swept the internet, but this one is much easier to sing along to. :)

This gif. It's kind of a spoiler for the new HP movie, but since everyone's raving about this moment, it's hardly a spoiler for me to post it on my 1-follower blog. |D

This cosplay photo! You can find the deviantART user here

These dresses from this Etsy user. They're so cute and such a good price!! I want one... 

This deviantART print. It's so pretty. I think it'd make a great tattoo. You can find it here. I hope she makes it available for sale. 

This figure! My god, she's so gorgeous. I simply must have her!! Kind of pricy, but she looks so high quality... Maybe if I can get someone to split the price with me, I'll preorder her. :3 What a great face~

This deviantART print featuring all the Disney heroines!! They're so cute and so accurate!! All my favorites are there. :) Alice, Esmerelda, Meg, Rapunzel, Belle.... Most of my favorites aren't included in Disney merchandise, so I love seeing this compilation. The artist is here

This fantastic DIY project. It's such a cute idea and it doesn't have to be just for a wedding. :) It makes a great present for anyone and it's way easy + cheap to make. 

I hope you enjoyed my first Fan Friday. :) Visit the links and support some artists! 

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