Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wore: Kawaii Life

I've collected a couple more cute outfit photos to post. UuU I haven't been keeping a "cute outfit log" as much recently because I've been traveling all over the place!! Of course, I still have a couple of outfits to show off... including a good amount of semi casual lolita~

With my animu husbando

New Tokyo fashion sailor top. <3 Thrifted!! 

Casual lolita on a trip to Chinatown with my sweet sister. <3 
Final day of fashion illustration class. <3

Final day of Sophomore Seminar crit~


Just a quick post. UuU <3 I hope you liked it! I want to wear more and more cute clothes... <3

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anime Central Recap

ACen was the most fun I've had at a con in ages! I was really surprised since I was mostly running around by myself. I was worried that I would end up getting bored! In the end, I met so many amazing people and hung out with my good friends and had such a successful and interactive weekend overall. <3 <3 

Get ready for a picture heavy post~


Before I left the house!! I ended up walking a full mile in this coord. Not fun under 80 degree weather. 

Indie lolita fashion show~ 
I modeled this gorgeous classic style dress for Adrian, who was so sweet and amazing. 

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends~ I stopped by the Yugioh panel, but it was lacking and lost my interest. I hurriedly wandered over to the loli swap meet and sold a couple things. I met a lot of really sweet lolis from the community!! One of the things I will really miss about Chicago is the huge loli group. :'( 


I based this coord off a Rei Ayanami goth loli figure from 2008. 
(too obscure to be recognized though, heheh)

I was about to shop and meet up with people when I miraculously ran into one of my gyaru idols, Lisha!!! 

She was so sweet! Her gyaru is always on point!!!! I was very impressed and so happy to meet her in real life. It was a wonderful surprise! 

You can read her ACen recap here~

After only a few hours in my loli coord, I started to feel a bit sick. :( So I changed into something a bit more comfortable, which just ended up being Swagg Rei.

Diamond encrusted snapback completes the look.

I caved and I bought the OTK Eternal Rose Bouquet socks from the Angelic Pretty and Harajuku Hearts booth.

I chilled with my buddy KGD until 2 in the morning! @o@ We spent a lot of time just drawing and chatting. She is really sweet! 


I wore gyaru, but I didn't really get a good picture of my face. ;/ 

The day started off with me running into tumblr fandom acquaintance Suukarin. She was super fun and I had to stop to draw her something. <3 It was amazing to just randomly run into so many people that I knew!! One of my favorite things about cons is meeting up with people. :') 

I also got to talk and take a photo with Frances, blogger from howagirlfigures and the english rep for GoodSmile Company! I've been a fan for almost three years now, and I was finally able to meet her. She's living her dream, which is truly motivating. :) 

My swag bag

After winning rock-paper-scissors for a giant poster at the GoodSmile booth, I had to head home. I was so tired and still feeling a little sick from my fever the week prior. 

Featured: The giant GoodSmile poster, four YGO One Coin figures, YGO manga and pink card protectors, Bakushipping doujin, AP socks still packed, offbrand socks, bloomers, and the Baka and Test OVA DVD + free poster. 

Got home and rolled in all the goodies I bought from the weekend, then took a loooong nap.

In the end, I really wish I had taken more pictures. I can think of at least 50 more things I should have documented...  ;( But I am happy to have 100% of the memories as well!! Sometimes I just get to talking and having so much fun that I forget to photograph. x)

Thanks to everyone for contributing to my super-fun, super-expensive weekend!! ;o; I hope we can do it again soon! xx

Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I Wore: Days of Cute

I keep forgetting to make decent outfit posts, but here is a small compilation of what I've worn in the past couple of days. 

I think I've gotten a lot better at coordinating outfits!!

Internet Meet
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Dr Martens

Stay at Home Ghost
Dress: Thrifted
Tank: n/a
Necklace: H&M
Cardigan: Vintage

Wig: EBay
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Handmade
Shoes: H&M
Cardigan: n/a

Necklace: 90s
Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

Easter Brunch
Necklace: 90s
Cardigan: Macy's
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

I think I've gotten back into the swing of things just a bit, so I've been able to put some nice outfits together and go out with friends. I was down for a bit, but thankfully I'm doing alright right now. <3 I hope to keep making regular posts! It's tough to put together interesting posts when you're at school or tired all the time!! xx

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doll Day: BTW Bus

Yesterday, I got the chance to dress up at hang out with lots of cool people~ <3 Gaga's Born This Way Bus was in town, so of course I donned one of my best outfits and wigs for the occasion. I put in my geo lens, full make up, and amped up my dolly disposition. 

When I saw Gaga in concert in Tacoma, I didn't get to check out the inside of the BTW Buses. Upon hearing that it was stopping in Chicago even after the tour had been cancelled, I knew I had to sign up for the event! I was one of the first 100 sign ups, and I was there right at 12:00 to get in. I met so many fun little monsters.  (´ω`★)

Free food!

Wall illustrations~

My personal favorite <3

We all stayed there for the entire duration of the event. There were rumours that Gaga might show, since it's her birthday week (Happy Birthday, Gaga!), and she was in town visiting her boyfriend. 

Die-hard fan tattoo~
Unfortunately for those of us super-committed, she didn't show. But it was alright, because I met so many amazing people!!

bus crew. <3
At the very end of our 7 hour adventure, Black Jesus himself made an appearance!! He was kind enough to stop and take pictures with everyone who asked... including yours truly. It was very brave of him to go through our huge group and pose with everyone.  (*´∀`*)

That ended the day, and others went off to go out to eat, but I had to return home to devote myself to some homework. (・_・ヾ I said my farewells and gave a lot of hugs~

Overall, it was a lovely day!! I had so much fun and I got so many compliments on my appearance. It felt very nice~ I've been thinking about wearing my geo lenses more often and aiming to buy a few extra pairs. They really seem to amp up any make up or outfit. They lend the the feeling of a 'living doll' look, which is another visual style that I like... 

I keep wishing the best for Gaga! I know she's recovering from her surgery and trying to lay low. I'm sure that she will bounce back and be at her 200% energy level for the release of ARTPOP!! <3 Happy birthday, to my dear Gaga.  (*´∀`*) Keep on performing and inspiring!